Follow eight Otterbein undergrads as we travel through Chile and Argentina January 2-29!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Queridos Estudiantes (Dear Students):

Queridos estudiantes:

You are going to start an incredible journey that will change your lives forever. Living abroad strips away many of the things that previously defined yourselves: your language, your family, your friends and your culture. You will be left standing naked in a strange land and exposed to many things from the new environment that may seem unexplainable and unreasonable. But you will survive! I assure you that the person who will pass through customs on his/her way home won’t be the same person who arrived in Chile: you will evolve, and Chile will affect you in many ways.

You are going to the longest country in the world. Superimposed on a map of the United States, Chile would stretch from Maine to Southern California. On a map of Europe, Chile would stretch from Moscow to Lisbon. It is 4,270 kilometers (2,647 miles) long, yet averages only 177 kms. (110 miles) across.

You will be living and exploring the South notable for its beautiful scenery, including volcanoes, lakes, forests and rivers. It is one of the biggest tourist destinations in South America.

So, queridos estudiantes, relax and enjoy the trip!!

Dr. Galarce

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  1. Ay, profesora! You are so wonderful for working so hard to allow your students this amazing opportunity, for walking with them on the journey, and for opening their eyes to the wider world. Opening my eyes, for that matter. I wish so much that I had been able to go to Chile with all of you last year, but I just knew myself too well... I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. But one day I will be, and one day I will see the amazing things about which you have taught us. For now, though I've not made the trip abroad, my life has been irreversibly changed in a different way - just by learning all that you had to teach us. I will be thinking of all of you on this amazing experience in the coming days!