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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

San Martín

Yesterday, our group crossed the boarder between Chile and Argentina by boat to reach the beautiful little town of San Martín. A few of us girls found the most adorable coffee shop while the others did some shopping and unwinding after our trek. After breakfast this morning, we made the five-hour drive to Bariloche, Argentina. In this charming city of chocolate shops, cafes, restaurants, and beaches, we'll spend the next three days touring, shopping, bonding as a group, and of course practicing our Spanish as we become acquainted with Argentinian culture before we return to Valdivia and our host families.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to let a few of the other students say a few words about their experience so far on this trip:

"I'm having the best time of my life here in Chile. All the locals are so nice, especially my host family. I'm learning a lot about their culture and the Chilean Spanish."
- Justin Cox

"This trip has helped me as a Spanish language student, and also as a student of the world."
- Theresa Howe

"Studying in Chile has been the greatest, life-changing adventure. I feel so comfortable that sometimes I forget how far I am from home. I'm homesick, and I never want to leave."
- Joe Lucas

"Words don't suffice. Let's just say it's been the trip of a lifetime."
- Kaitlin Houdek

Travelling is too much fun!

Loving the warm weather in South America

Trying Chile´s best beer (well, some of us)!

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